Learning is like a Treasure So Be a Pirate and Make a Map

As a developer the constant learning is real so why go about it blind. I recently have set a goal for myself to become more savvy with Node.JS and also hone in my skill with Vue.js just to make a more valuable programmer. You will see this adventure on the blog as I will post my findings and learning process, but first I knew for this to be successful I would need a plan or outline. Randomly one of my favorite quotes is from Martha Stewart “Life is too complicated not to be orderly”. Now I am not 100% positive that is from her but on my daily quote challenge I came across this and it stuck.

The Plan

Now I have been self learning basically all the various JS technologies out there for the last year but because I have spread myself to thin I knew that a focus was needed. The plan is to have a daily to do for both Node.js and Vue.js as to me it seems having an in depth knowledge of node assists with deployment of the Vue.js applications and many other applications. First I am going to start with my fundamental resources which is Freecodecamp.com and Pluralsight. The reason for this is well my year of Pluralsight which I have not used that much has some good Vue.js courses and challenging projects. The Freecodecamp does not have Vue but does have some good fundamental Node.js information to go over.

The Path To Gold

Instead of just going through the learning I am going to document daily for myself on whatever I learn and then re-explain it for retention in word form. If possible I am also going to attempt to sketch out any notes of what I have learned. Now I have been focusing on fundamental JS for years so this is going to be more high level in hopes for it to stick. Then come the tutorials like this one from Scotch.io which is an amazing source for articles and tutorials. The goal is to find reasons to combine both JS technologies to have a foundation.

Reality Check at the End

This is a personal 30-60 challenge to be able to say yes I know both Node and Vue well enough for say a freelance project, interview, ect. I am not expecting to be a pro but I am tired of being a jack of all trades in a way but not a master nadda. I am also not expecting one or 2 tutorials and a notebook to make feel confident enough to say I am done and know the learning will continue. But and a big but is I will then feel good enough to challenge myself for a hackathon or go to a Vue meet up with confidence to understand some material, or go to an event like all things open and not be like well I do not know any of this.

After a Pirate gets the Treasure

Self growth is so important as a developer and by challenging  yourself is the only way I think. I have been building wordpress sites for a few years now and also troubleshooting random software that people want to use, but my passion is to create beautiful code that runs on a server that I can say hey “I did that”. To any that read this or to my future self that is like WTF is this I wrote about pirates, its all about the challenges that make us grow, so if you are not setting daily, monthly or yearly goals what are you doing.

Be Thankful For Hard Days In Life and In Code

We have all heard the term be thankful for what you ask for, and with that said I have recently been not so happy with lack of coding challenges I have had with my daily work. What I mean is doing the same mundane thing can get boring but sometimes you want to have that challenge.

The Task

I have been wanting to re-build the basic blog layout for my work and they had some caveats. Did not want blog posts but wanted the blog like effect with timed posts, like the idea of auto posting but did not want individual posts to be indexed, and last was they did not want a pinterest style grid but instead wanted a basic three row with a hard break in between.

Now this is not how to build it but to work with what you have. I had to take the theme they built the site on and dismantle it in terms of the blog section. Removed what did not need to be there and then came the fun.


I noticed that getting all the CSS in place was the easiest part but the PHP was my biggest challenge. First I needed the posts to repeat which normally comes in the basic theme #done, and then I wanted to have them just simply use the built-in bootstrap grid…..I know about flexbox and css grid but this was already there. I could not get the rows to repeat, so I reached out to a wonderful person who has assisted me when I get into a pinch and she directed me to this:

First off the simple comments in the code made it for me, and my take away was that I first need to practice PHP more 🙂 and also see the beauty of the counter and how it allowed me to get exactly what I was looking for. Another fun learning part of this was simply adding a class using PHP. I really never realized how easy it is. My problem was I needed to add a class to only the first post on the page:

And Boom there we go!

I walked away from this understanding how to successfully implement code to give me the 3 rows I needed and also how to add a class to PHP. Funny thing is I have been racking my brain to learn JS and all the freaking new libraries but sometimes a problem will pop out that is not even on your radar. This was not to show off my coding skills but instead to just highlight that it is important to be happy as a developer when you run into challenging things, and appreciate your network for assistance and learn from the guidance around you.

Thanks LIZ!