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Fundamental Design Tips For A Front-End Developer

I am not a designer nor is this post supposed to turn you into one. I recently have been getting more interested in how I

all things open 2019 raleigh nc

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All Things Open 2019 Raleigh

Exciting Times and People To See I posted a blog last year of my experience at the All Things Open event in Raleigh NC and

Code and Life

A Front-End Developers Birthday

Today marked about 6 years in front-end development and somewhere in the mid 30’s as a human that walks the earth. The real reason for

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Truncate a Little Javascript

This is a snippet for me but fond that it may also be helpful to many so I wanted to take some time to place

Code and Life

Personal Growth Through Online Learning

I started this blog to showcase some of my path during learning new technologies like Node.js, SEO, Web Development and also highlight some of my

Best Node.js Explanation For a Newbie

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Best Node.js Explanation For a Newbie

Why is this the best node.js explanation for a newbie It is plain and right to the point, if you are a seasoned programmer this

Best Seo Strategy For Images


Best SEO Strategy for Images

What Makes an Optimized Image? Too many times when I get asked to check out a site and see the SEO health of a site


SEO Tool Benefits From SemRush

Many of us I feel get what we need out of a product and do not always take the time to see all the bells

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Higher Order Functions in JS

Now this is nothing new and fresh but for me it really was an ah ha moment when you are building out an application there


WordPress 5.0.1 and Gutenberg Review

First off I have to say that personally when I hear about a new technology I want to start and play with it right away.